Sungai Rekoh Waterfront Masterplan

Building concept:
The site Sungai Rekoh possesses a rich natural landscape for a new built environment. Our project proposal sets a high quality design strategy for a new council housing development. In the past, RMMJ housing has focussed on the capacity of residential units, over architectural design itself. It is our aim to bring a high quality and a long term community strategy to the district.

Design Challenge
1. Create a safe and secure living environment.
Separate access for cars and pedestrians
2. High quality living environment.
Utilises site surroundings and integrates itself into the environment
3. A long term sustainable development.
Low maintainance design

Client: Crescendo Corporation Bhd
Year: 2015
Project Status: Phase 1 under construction
Project Team:
Designer Architect: MAUD-(Maxthreads Architecture Urban Design) UK
Lead Architect: Kris Hsaio
Project team: Alessandro Sardone, Jack kang, Cathy Chang
Local Architect: Phent Architect Malaysia
Design Area: Total 17.64 Acres