Tanjung Senibong Park

Landscape concept:
The project aims to interconnect and enhance the surrounding area. The park planning fabric derived from the river and the sea. And the park creates a series of visual corridor from inland to the waterfront . Continuity with the proposed Master plan aims to verify the park planning in the urban context. The programme planning is organised from north to and activities transit from passive, such as yoga, bird watching and stars gazing to those more recreational ( active) like outdoor exhibition spaces or the vision of outdoor performances and events to finish with the sports practise .The edge of the river is treated as deck surface and the protrusions are terminals points of great visual axes and moments of rest, where visitor can enjoy the beauty of the landscape. The vegetation is richly selected. The Popolus Italica is a columnar element who give a sense of prospective with the same dignity of a column. The design of green in this way becomes architecture.

Client: Crescendo Corporation Bhd
Year: 2015
Project Status: Design Proposal
Designer Architect: MAUD-(Maxthreads Architecture Urban Design) UK
Lead Architect: Alessandro Sardone , Key Liu
Design Area: Total 28,300 sqm