Eco Falls is inspired by the theme of ‘water body of Johor Strait’ in that it explores an earlier period in the life of close relationship between Malaysia and Singapore. when its residents lived closer to nature than many do today.

Accordingly, Eco fall is imagined as a high quality live and enjoy-based community and nature reserve, with exclusive residential and mix use development as well as the potential for natural habitat areas. A secluded haven of peace and tranquillity, Eco fall is conceived as a private ‘island within an island’. This vision responds to the overarching aim of positioning Malaysia in general, and Forest City Island in particular, as a major leisure-based tourism destination, contributing to Malaysia economic diversification and offer a brand new world class live and work destination.

With this in mind, the vision statement for Eco falls can be encapsulated as: a peaceful oasis within Forest City; a mid-density environment devoted commercial activity, comfortable living and recreational opportunities, that provides a harmonious relationship between people and nature.

Eco Falls Design Vision

A brand new waterfront skyline for a city of future, strongly routed in the sustainability. Water. Where all human race starts, The world first waterfall tower echoes with Malaysia’s nature resources.

We are building a sustainable eco water filtration system.

The initial urban landscape is routed in the sustainable water strategy; this has always been the most fundamental yet profound items for human being. This gives us the opportunity to create a full site of nature run off water collection and filtration system. Every land plot is wrapped with eco and biological waterway purification channel and 2 main pedestrian friendly eco corridors.

All those fresh water is been naturally filtered and pump up to the building for mechanical filtering then use for swimming pools.

The swimming pool waste water then will fall from the building to form a mass waterfall, this will create mass water steam for site air cooling and then into hydrological flow into the eco waterway purification system again to be recycled and filtered.

The eco and biological waterway system will attract and create its own nature bio diversity; this will gain the new island nature inhabitant.

Client: Green Land
Year: 2016
Project Status: Planning Approval
Designer architect: MAUD-(Maxthreads Architectural Design and Planning) UK
Lead Architect: Max Yang, Key Liu, Eli She,
Project Team: Eric Lu, Demi Chen, Cara
Design Area: Total of 24 hectares